Plate making

High-performance Solutions for
the Packaging Industry

Plate Making for the Packaging Industry

Cutting-edge Imaging and Exposure Capabilities

Plates sizes: Up to 50 x 80 inches

Whether your substrate is flexible packaging, folding carton or labels, you can be confident that our technicians will cover all of the details that result in success on press.

The Resources You Need

Lincage Imaging Systems has invested in cutting-edge equipment to manufacture photopolymer plates that meet your flexographic printing needs. Our equipment represents the latest technology with critical imaging and exposure redundancy, and we have the capacity required to handle the plate making needs of the largest consumer product providers and packaging manufacturers.

lincage imaging systems CDI spark imagers
Lincage Imaging Systems Esko CDI Spark 5080s
plate room at Lincage Imaging Systems
Lincage Imaging Systems Esko CDI Spark 5080s

Plate making Equipment

Multiple large-format digital imagers capable of imaging high-resolution and single-pixel screens

Designed to be tonally and dimensionally consistent to each other.

Conventional and flat-top exposure equipment

Utilizes LED technology to burn images into plates, resulting in significantly more consistent tonal reproduction and overall plate quality.

In-line processing and dryer equipment

High capacity and automated system to minimize handling.

What pre-press, plate or printing challenge can we help you overcome?  At Lincage, you'll find a production partner who seeks to earn your confidence with every job. Contact us below. We'll get right back to you.



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